This is a FREE monthly Photo Contest for Boys & Girls from 0 to 6 years old. Every child is welcome to enter regardless of country! Each month we will accept unlimited valid entries.  Winners will be chosen by the number of votes they get.

  2. We will accept high quality/clear photos only! No Professional or enhanced photos allowed! No Nudity allowed. Photos must be under 8 MB and in png, gif, jpg jpeg formatonly!  No more than one child per photo is allowed-UNLESS your child is a twin/triplet, etc… We reserve the right to have monthly themes during a few holiday months and your photo must fall within the theme of the month. If it does not, it will not be accepted. Please check the entry page to see the current monthly theme or to see if there is one. We don’t always have a theme.

 3. You, the parent or legal guardian, will be required to include your first name, your child’s first name or initials in the file description area.

 4. Only the photos of the child will be published on our contestants gallery. When registering and uploading your photo, you are also giving us rights to reuse your photo on our site/blog for photo of the day, photo of the week and in on site promotional material.

 5. The contest will be open for entries from the 1st of each month until the end of the month unless otherwise specified.

 6. Overall Judging will be based on 3 criteria by a qualified panel of professionals! Decisions of judges are final! Our judges are a great group of professional photographers!

 7. There will be 3 winners per month. One winner for each category.

 8. Photos must be within 6 months of the child’s real age.

 9. Please submit a new photo each month. One entry per child per month. We will disqualify additional photos.

 10. We reserve the right to resize your photos as appropriate. You also must own copyrights to your photos and in sending them to us, you are agreeing that we can use them on our site as appropriate such as in advertising, etc. However, we will usually try and  contact you first before doing so.

 12. This contest is for fun so please keep it fun for everyone!

 13. If you suspect any type of misuse of your photos or if you see a photo of your child that you did not submit, please contact us immediately.

 15. If you are the Overall Winner then you cannot win this title the next month. However, you could possibly be a runner-up at any time. You can only be a Grand Prize Winner a maximum of 3 times per year.

 16.  In reading this and entering your photos, you are agreeing to these rules and are bound by these rules. We are not responsible for anything arising from this contest! This contest is for fun & entertainment purposes only!

 17. We reserve the right to limit entries, change rules, etc. at anytime  if we think it is necessary.

 18. Please sign up for our Facebook fan page for all changes, prize additions, open spots, updates, winners and more! 

19.. Winners must contact us within 7 days of being announced a winner. If you do not contact us within 7 days of being announced a winner then you forfeit your prizes.

20. Although, we allow entries and have winners from all around the world that does not mean that our prize sponsors will ship all around the world. Most of our sponsors only ship to UAE. If you win and you are from a country other than the UAE you may not receive any prizes.